Hello everyone!

As you heard, My name is Larry McGee and I own an aquarium maintenance business in Central Arkansas called Aquatic Designs, Inc.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. That was my first time to record one so I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect….especially when my computer crashed RIGHT AT interview time and I was a little late to log on! Nick did a great job of interviewing and making me feel at ease, though. Hopefully, you got a pretty good picture of what this business is all about.

Things have changed just a little since the podcast aired. As of late 2020, the course is temporarily unavailable as it undergoes some upgrades but you’re still able to receive the eBook, “The Aquarium Maintenance Guide” for free. 

Just click the logo at the top of this page and it will bring you to the main page where you can find information about the course and where you can sign up to receive the eBook.

Thank you for stopping by and maybe this is the new side hustle that you’ve been looking for!