How To:

Plastic Plant Problems

I use plastic plants in all of my maintenance aquariums because they are the easiest to maintain. 

After a while, though, they can wear and need some maintenance themselves. Here are a few tricks to extend their useful life.

  • If a plant starts to slip out of its solid, weighted base, cut a small piece off of a used test strip and place it in the base hole as a wedge.  Push the plant back into the hole.  This should hold the plant and keep it from floating out.
  • Many plastic plants are made up of several small segments attached together to make a long strand.  If the connector breaks on one of the segments, simply remove that segment from the strand and reattach the rest. 
  • If a plants need to be longer, add more segments from another plant.  If a plant is too long, remove segments and attach to an empty connector on the base if available.
  • When the plant starts to disintegrate or the color fades, then it is time to replace it.

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