An aquarium maintenance business is a great way to make a little cash to fuel your hobby, pay off some bills or even start a new career.

No matter what your motivation is, it can be a fun way to bring in extra money while indulging in your tropical fish addiction.

If you’re worried that you can’t do this because you don’t have any business experience…
rest assured that you can!

I will teach you how.

How did I get started in this business?


I had an aquarium for a couple of years in the early 90’s before I started working for a friend who had just began an aquarium maintenance business. We both worked for Walmart and we would clean aquariums during our lunch break. We only had 4 or 5 accounts back then but it would bring in a few hundred dollars each month. I ended up buying the business from him a year later but it didn’t really go anywhere because I didn’t have much business experience. I ended up just using it to fuel my aquarium hobby.

No one was there to teach me anything about it.  The internet was still just a novelty, so there was not any resources to learn from.  If fact, it took EIGHT years before I realized the potential of this business and learned how to grow it.

I did all of this by trial and error!  But I did it!  I figured out some of the most profitable ways to operate this business and come to find out…they’re also some of the simplest!  My business has grossed well over a million dollars* since then and has provided a good income for me and my family, plus I got to quit my job and spend a lot more time with them than if I would have stayed at my 9-5.

I understand what it’s like to be unsure about a new venture, but you can have confidence that this course will help you get started and give you the basic tools to succeed.

Whether you’re looking to just make a few extra dollars on the side or even grow it into a full time career, an Aquarium Maintenance Business can be a fun and interesting way to do just that!

*This is gross income before expenses in the business Aquatic Designs, Inc. from fiscal year 2003-2019.

Update December 2020:

The course is undergoing renovations and is temporarily unavailable.

I’m taking the opportunity during the pandemic to update the workshop & course to add more material, videos & marketing ideas and will be re-released in early 2021.

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If you do, I will give you a free copy of my eBook the Aquarium Maintenance Guide.

This is a book that I originally wrote a couple of decades ago and was sold in pet stores across the US.  I have since updated it and turned it into a digital PDF version.

In it, I cover topics such as:

  • How does an aquarium work?
  • Properly starting an aquarium
  • Cleaning your aquarium
  • Water testing and adjusting
  • Algae control
  • And more…

This is required reading for the course so you will be one step ahead.

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