First, Who Am I?

My name is Larry McGee. My wife, Laura, and I live on our little 10 acre hobby farm in Central Arkansas with our remaining two of three college age kids. We have the usual dogs & cats, a dozen chickens, three cows and interestingly enough, no aquariums! My happy spot is sitting in the seat of my little John Deere tractor.

I graduated college with a BS in Marketing Communications back in the 90’s but pursued a career in management with Walmart. In 1995 I purchased a small aquarium maintenance business from a friend and started doing it on the side just to fuel my hobby.

I gave up Walmart in 2001 and opened my own retail aquarium/tropical fish store in Little Rock. After determining that retail is no different even if you own the business, I closed the store in 2004 and focused on aquarium maintenance full time.

The maintenance business has grown to almost 70 aquariums that I manage on a monthly basis. I also do commercial consulting and repairs for the big box pet stores in my area.

I wrote a book on aquarium maintenance back in the mid 90’s and sold it to pet stores across the US. I have since changed it over to an electronic format. It’s called the, “Aquarium Maintenance Guide”.

I also am an avid handyman and have grown up building houses with my family. I have my local Lowes store memorized and am still lobbying the store manager for my own personal parking space in front.

I have been studying online business and marketing for years and have been working on this current project for many, many months. I have a deep respect for those who have persevered and carved out their niche in the online world. It’s just difficult on so many levels.

To give credit where it is due, Pat Flynn, Nick Loper and Chris Guillebeau have been my inspiration for persisting through this project as well as all of you that I have invited to my site.

I’ll be honest here….all of this is new to me and I’m trudging through it by myself. If you see anything here that I can do differently to make it a better experience, please feel free to offer any advice! It will be well appreciated!

Thank You!
Larry McGee
Aquatic Designs, Inc.
How to Start an Aquarium Maintenance Business

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