These three 200 gallon tanks are built into the wall of a high end steakhouse restaurant. 

The low lights in the restaurant make the colorful Glo-fish POP underneath the cool, blue actinic lights of the tanks. 

The front of the tanks are cleanly trimmed out, but behind the tanks is a maze of pipes and tubing.  There is a room built behind the tanks that houses the filtration system, a sink and everything else needed to keep these tanks going. 

Each tank is hooked to another through a central filtration system featuring an Aqua Ultraviolet Bead Filter.  Water changes are easily done with the turn of a couple of valves and it has an automatic drip system that comes on each day to drip water into the tanks to make up for evaporation and a partial water change.  This is the most automated system that I have created.

These tanks as well as two more in a sister restaurant next door have grossed over $94,000 for the last 17 years and provide an average of $125 per hour.