• Are you tired of wrestling with your aquarium?
  • Are you frustrated from spending a ton of money on equipment, chemicals, medications and replacing dead fish?
  • Are you burned out from spending hours cleaning your aquarium only to have it look bad again in a few days?

Did you know that your problem could be as simple as OVERCLEANING your aquarium?
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My name is Larry McGee and I've been maintaining aquariums professionally since 1995.  One of the fundamentals of business is "time is money".  If you have to spend a lot of time doing something, then you can't make much money doing it.  Aquariums are no different.  If I have to spend a lot of time cleaning an aquarium, then I can't make much money for my business.  If I can't make much money, then I need to find another business to do.

That's why over the last 25+ years, I have taken the time to figure out some of the best methods possible to keep an aquarium running smooth.  I visit the majority of my freshwater accounts once per month and spend an average of a 'half a minute per gallon' doing the maintenance.  For example, I spend around 30 minutes per month doing maintenance on a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium...water change included.  The aquarium runs on auto pilot the rest of month with an automatic fish feeder and simple light timer.  My customers don't touch it.

Do you wish maintaining your aquarium could be that simple?

It can.


I have written a book that includes 43 essential tips to help keep your aquarium running as smooth as possible.  These are solid, practical principles that can help reduce aquarium stress if you follow them.  Plus, they can save you money from buying equipment & chemicals you don't need as well as replacing dead fish.

How much have you spent on that, lately?


Aquarium Maintenance Guide was written for beginners as well as experienced hobbyists.


In it you will learn:

  • How an aquarium works
  • The important things to test for, why and how they work together
  • Aquarium equipment
  • The proper way to clean it
  • The chemicals you need to buy - as well as those you don't
  • Algae control, diseases, problem solving, feeding
  • And much more...
  • All in simple, easy to understand language

No big words, scientific jargon or binomial nomenclature...  whatever that is.

Aquarium Maintenance Guide

Smart, Simple, Advice to help you save Time, Money & Stress on your aquarium.

(This book is included in the How to Start an Aquarium Maintenance Business Course)


This is how I maintain the aquariums in MY business.


Aquatic Designs, Inc.


The Author

Larry McGee

Larry is the owner of Aquatic Designs, Inc. in Central Arkansas and has been doing aquarium maintenance as a business since 1995. He also ran his own live fish store for a few years and is a published author on aquarium maintenance. He also does commercial aquarium repair, training and consulting for the big box pet stores in his state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is the book in?

The book is in a downloadable PDF format.  There is not a hard copy of the book available.

How many pages are in the book?

There are 42 pages including pictures, charts and Tips.

What types of aquariums does this book cover?

This book is written for all sizes of FRESHWATER aquariums.

Does this book tell me how to start an aquarium maintenance business?

This book only covers how to properly maintain an aquarium and does not cover the business aspects of the maintenance business.

Can I get a refund on the book?

Due to the electronic format, there are no refunds.

Can I share it with other people?

The book and it's contents are copyrighted and no part may be shared or copied without express written consent.

Have more questions?

Feel free to email me and I will answer any more questions that you may have.