You've seen them everywhere
  • Dentist's offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Day Cares

Businesses use aquariums to help calm nervous patients and entertain energetic children.


Have you thought about who takes care of them?


Did you know that aquarium maintenance can be a very profitable business?

I'm Larry...

I own an Aquarium Maintenance Company called Aquatic Designs, Inc.

People ask me all of the time what I do for a living.  When I tell them, they sort of tilt their head, think for a second, then say, Really?

They never ask their second question, but I know what it is...

“How in the world can you make a living cleaning aquariums?”


So, I just answer them back in my head…


“Well, I make a very good living…thank you.”


In Fact:

I’ve been servicing aquariums as a business for

-25 years-

and have been doing it full time for the last

-15 years-


All at an average of $75+ per hour.*


Now, YOU just tilted YOUR head and said, “Really?”

Didn’t you?

Have you been thinking of starting your own side business?

Having a hard time coming up with good ideas, though?

  • Something different that not everyone else is doing?
  • Something that doesn't cost a lot of time & money to get started?
  • Something that doesn't require a large overhead?
  • Something with flexible hours?
This is MY business!!

Do you want to learn how regular people can take basic aquariums from local pet stores and transform them into a profitable, recurring income stream?

All without a lot of mess, stress, time or investment?


I teach people to do just that.


And I'd love to teach you, too!


I can show you how to easily start an Aquarium Maintenance Business side hustle and potentially make an extra $1,000 per month working as little as 5 hours per week.

All without being a marine biologist, an engineer or even putting on a snorkel!

I have taken my 25 years of aquarium maintenance & business experience and have created an online course that can teach you the fundamentals of starting your own aquarium service business in your spare time.

I have broken it down into basic, easy to understand steps that ANYONE can do and with a relatively low startup cost.


Even if you have ZERO aquarium experience!


But First,

I want to know a little bit about you.