Learn how regular people can take basic aquariums from local pet stores and transform them into a profitable, recurring income stream...

All without a lot of mess, stress, time or investment.

Your Instructor

Larry McGee

Larry is the owner of Aquatic Designs, Inc. in Central Arkansas and has been doing aquarium maintenance as a business since 1995. He also ran his own live fish store for a few years and is a published author on aquarium maintenance. He also does commercial aquarium repair, training and consulting for the big box pet stores in his state.

Course Curriculum

Business Basics: Structure & Licenses
Business Structure
Business Licenses
Business Basics: Accounting
Benefits of an Accountant
Invoicing & Receiving Payments
Accepting Credit Cards
Business Basics: Minimizing Risk
Separating Business from Personal
State Health Department & Infectious Control Committees
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
Work Safety
Aquarium Basics: Types of Aquarium Systems
Aquarium Basics: Tanks & Equipment
Aquarium Basics: Types of Fish
Aquarium Basics: Setting up an Aquarium
Aquarium Maintenance: Cleaning Equipment
Aquarium Maintenance: Chemicals
Aquarium Maintenance Procedures
Aquarium Maintenance: Other Equipment
Aquarium Business
Aquarium Business: Naming Your Business
Leasing Aquariums
Maintenance Pricing
Product Pricing
Guaranteeing Fish
Customer Service
Training Clients
When a Potential Client Calls for a Quote
Visiting a Potential Client for a New Aquarium
Creating Quotes
Marketing: Target Markets
Marketing: Online Presence
Marketing: Ideas
Student Resource Center


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to go through the course?

The course is broken up into several different sections and lessons.  You can go through at your own pace and revisit any section as many times as you want.  If you were to sit down and go through the entire course from start to finish, it would take 4-6 hours or more.  I don't release the lessons on a timed basis.  I want you to be able to take it all in before you get started.

How long can I access the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.  In the event that the course is taken offline, you will be able to receive a PDF copy for your use.

Will I receive any updates to the course?

Yes.  You will be able to receive any updates that I do and will be notified of them through email.

Can I make payments on the course?

There is a split payment option for the course available.

​​PayPal also has a new Pay in 4 option where you can make 4 payments on qualifying purchases.  You can check out that option here and see if it will work for you. (Certain conditions apply)

What if I feel the course is not right for me after purchase?

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel that it is not going to be a good fit for you.

What types of aquariums will I be able to maintain after going through this course?

The business part of the course will work for any type of freshwater or saltwater aquarium system, but the aquarium instruction part just pertains to freshwater aquariums.  This is the business model that I use.

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