You’ve seen aquariums in all sorts of places such as your dentist’s office, nice restaurants, businesses and medical waiting rooms.


Have you stopped to think about who takes care of them?


(You’re just glad it’s not you…right?)


What if I told you that when going into a dentist’s office to clean the aquarium, I often get paid more than the dentist makes in that hour?


Got your attention?


It’s true. I do it quite often and below are the numbers to back it up.*


The aquarium maintenance business is a unique niche that is:

Easy to start
Has low overhead
High profit
Repeat customers
Can average up to $75+ per hour

It’s the perfect little business.

Even if you have ZERO aquarium experience.


So, how can this benefit you as a writer or blog owner?

The next time you write an article, blog post or podcast on the topics of :

  • Side Hustles or Businesses
  • Flexible Part Time Jobs for Stay at Home Parents
  • 40+ Business Ideas for 2019 that anyone can easily start today!
  • And so on…..

this business will be a different, interesting topic that will capture reader’s attention.


People are just intrigued by aquariums.

Almost everyday when I’m servicing an aquarium, someone has to tell me about their aquarium as a child, their pet goldfish that lived for 20 years or ask if I have ever seen the show, Tanked!

(You know….I really should start charging my clients extra since I’m another source of entertainment for their customers!)

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of existing articles on the subject. This topic has been largely overlooked in these areas because people know so little about it. It is virtually wide open….waiting to be written about!

In fact, my tag line is, “The neat little business no one thinks about : )

If you Google the topic, How to start an aquarium maintenance business, the articles that appear are the generic, “Make a business plan, buy a bucket, buy a fish net, clean peoples aquariums, get paid”. You know, the equivalent of the, “To start a blog just pick a topic, buy a laptop, write posts, get sponsors, live on the beach in Cancun” articles. Sans details.

That is why I have started a blog and an online course on How to Start an Aquarium Maintenance Business. It’s a business that I have done myself for the last 25 years……and have made a little over a million dollars doing it along the way.

Along with curious readers, there is also an affiliate opportunity for you to make a 33% commission on this $287 course (before coupons).


I have included info in this Affiliate Resource Center that will help you to write a compelling article on the topic. Below are several articles that should give you the information that you need. Please contact me with any additional questions that you may have. I will be more than happy to assist.

Larry McGee



First, Who Am I?

What is this Business About?

What Skills Do You Have to Have?

How Much Can You Earn?

How Do You Get Started in this Business?

How Much Money Does it Take to Get Started?

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

Pictures of Aquariums for Blog Use

Online Articles and Studies About Aquariums In Waiting Rooms to Reduce Stress Levels

How to Become an Affiliate through Teachable

*The numbers to back it up:

One of several dental accounts which take less than an hour to service.